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Following current

You can follow Converge development either through the regular snapshots and binary snapshots, or by directly tracking the source repository. All contributions to Converge are welcome. The easiest way to contribute is via the source repository, but diffs against snapshots are also accepted.


Converge-current is known to run on, in alphabetial order:

Platform Variant
Linux x86 and x86_64
OS X / Darwin Works on the x86 processors in newer Macs, but is unlikely at the moment to work on the PowerPC processors in older Macs.
OpenBSD i386 and amd64.

It is likely to work on other little endian 32 bit and 64 bit UNIX operating systems with little or no effort. Other platforms may require varying amounts of work. Reports of success on new platforms are always appreciated.


Semi-regular source snapshots are made of Converge; these are most suitable for users wishing to stay abreast of development, but who wish to minimise the effort required to do so. Please note that binary snapshots are likely to lag behind the source snapshot.

Source snapshot Source for building on all platforms.
Darwin / OS X amd64 / x86_64 binary snapshot Native pre-built binary for Darwin / OS X Intel based machines running Snow Leopard.
Linux x86 binary snapshot Native pre-built binary for Linux x86 2.6 kernels.
Linux x86_64 binary snapshot Native pre-built binary for Linux x86_64 2.6 kernels.
OpenBSD amd64 binary snapshot Native pre-built binary for OpenBSD amd64 -current.

Source repository

Converge is developed using the git source code revision system.

The Converge source code can be checked out by executing the following command:

git clone https://github.com/ltratt/converge.git
You can also view the source code at github.

To build Converge, you are advised to first read the README file and then the various install/* files as appropriate.